Stephen Colangelo

Start A Hedge Fund, LLC

Stephen A. Colangelo, Jr. is one of the foremost experts on private placements and hedge funds. As the founder and chief executive officer of Start A Hedge Fund, LLC, Stephen teaches investors and entrepreneurs the intracacies of how to leverage hedge funds for big profits, secrets that have made only a handful of savvy investors millions and even billions of dollars through these investment vehicles. Start A Hedge Fund, LLC operates a network of 200 investment and financial websites, and owns 3,000 financial-related domain names in its domain portfolio. Stephen is both an educator, writer and media entrepreneur who is focused on building the first online media, education and value-added service for the hedge fund and private placement industries. Among its services, Start A Hedge Fund, LLC offers private placement consulting services to entrepreneurs and startup companies who want to jump start their capital raise endeavors through Regulation D offerings.